the good ol' days

Life is so funny.

When did I become the daughter who avoids her mother's phone calls like the plague?  I mean she does call me like 5x a day so I have a good excuse to not answer right?  I truly hate being held on the phone...I'm kinda like a dude that way.  And the text message addiction that I've developed certainly doesn't help keep the long distance communication lines open between me and this 56 year old lady I call mother...well I actually call her Mummy [go 'head insert British jokes here].

I love my mommy!  So how did we get to this?  When I was a little girl I couldn't get enough of her!  All 6 year old Monika wanted to do in life was lay in the bed with my mommy and play in her hair...and she always let me too, always!  I have my mommy to thank for introducing me to Prince and The Time, Rick James and Teena Marie and Vanity 6 and The Mary Jane Girls.  My mom had so many records, it was just ridiculous!  There were many nights in our ground level brownstone apartment on Mass Ave, where she'd let me dress up like Apollonia and The Mary Jane Girls (hey it was the 80's)!  I'd rummage through all her most grown up lingerie (which to me was any red or black satin teddy) and put on her spiked patent leather heels and we would have dance parties in her room all night long to Prince and The Time, Rick James and Teena Marie and Vanity 6 and The Mary Jane Girls.  To this day that is still some of my favorite music and I constantly listen to those songs that I loved so much when I was 6 years old.

I wish I could go back to that time of sheer adoration and loving "mommy and me" moments, if only for a moment.

But life sucks that way I guess..'cause now all I can do is look back on that 6 year old and her mommy and remember...and smile...and maybe with the memory fresh in my mind, I'll answer 4 out of 5 of her phone calls tomorrow.

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