Downton Abbey

The statement I am about to make isn't just an expression; the costumes in Downton Abbey literally make me swoon. Of course nothing can be left unsaid in favor of this show that has taken American viewers by storm across all demographics...it's simply the best new show on television since Mad Men and that's saying a lot coming from a Mad Men fanatic.

While my personal style sensibilities are rooted in late 1960s-1970s fashion trends (I love a good bell bottom), my fantastical style sensibilities are rooted in the Edwardian and post WWI 1920s flapper fashion trends.  I am awe inspired by the beauty of female garments from the early part of the 20th century...the delicate lace on a simple dress and intricate bead work on an evening gown is pretty damn amazing!  Downton Abbey is my new go-to source for turn the last century inspiration.  What a dream it would be to get my hands on one of Lady Mary's dinner party dresses...I'll even settle for one of her nightgowns!

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