a gilded gypsies classic: sister sister

Written by Maya Angelou and starring Diahann Carroll, Rosalind Cash and Irene Cara; Sister, Sister (1982) is one of those rare classic films that tells the story of family struggles, love, living life and the unbreakable bonds of sisterhood.
Diahann Carroll plays the eldest sister, Carolyne Lovejoy, a seemingly mature spinster of a woman who gave up her youth to take care of her dying parents and dedicate her life to her church and the house that her parents left behind...but behind closed doors, this perfect appearing woman is anything but, as you learn that she is having an affair with the church's reverend who happens to be a married man.

Irene Cara, the baby of the family Sissy Lovejoy, is a prize winning ice skater with dreams of escaping her small town life and overbearing sister for fame in the big city.  She looks up to both her older sisters and falls somewhere in the middle of innocence and independence...and for Sissy, life is just beginning.

And last but certainly not least is middle sister Freida Lovejoy, played by Rosalind Cash.  Freida is a fiercely independent, tell you to your face and put you in your place sassy beautiful woman...and a sepia favorite.  Having left her hometown soon after their mother passes, she moves back to the family house from Detroit with her preteen son when he gets into trouble with gangs.  From the moment she pulls up to her childhood home she is stirring up the pot! This is one of my favorite performances by Rosalind Cash and she looks amazing in this film...wardrobe, hair and makeup...and attitude to boot!

All three of these women make up a stellar cast and all equally beautiful as well.  Sister, Sister is a rare classic that's pretty hard to find on television...but if you happen to be so lucky as to catch it, take a moment to enjoy it...I'm sure you'll love it. :)

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