Rockabilly Baby!

This weekend the annual VLV Convention is taking place in where else...Las Vegas!  It's the largest Rockabilly convention in the world and it takes place every Easter weekend.  So in honor of said awesomeness, I thought I'd post a few pics of a few gorgeous chicas and some hip cats...Bettie included of course!  
My polar is more often than not drawn to people who dwell in the underbellies of society when it comes to fashion, art, and music; and the bad girls (and guys) of the 1950s are no exception.  I'm a Libra, I have that duality thing going on...so I'm sure in a couple of days, I'll be thinking of '70s high glam and all it's glorious excess!  But today I'm thinking of daddy o's, greasers and kittens...Rockabilly baby!


Happy Easter! ;-)

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