La Belle Époque Bohémien

The other night I watched Legend of the Falls.  The film is focused on many things such as love, family, turn of the century farm life, wealth, sacrifice, forgiveness, race relations between Native Americans and white settlers, destiny, and war. But in all this, my mind somehow drifted off into thinking about turn of the century bohemians. Yes random, I know. But I'm constantly inspired by and constantly noticing beautiful things within chaos, and there is lots of chaos in this movie...what with all the love triangles and war going on!  The middle brother Tristan is a wayward child with a free spirit.  After returning from the war (World War I), he flees the confinements of farm life and the daily reminders of his brothers death and spends many years as a seaman and a trader.  There is a scene where Tristan is at sea and in this scene he is wearing a beautiful gold bracelet.  This beautiful gold bracelet fueled my wonderment about Pre1920s bohemian life.  I love the devil may care attitudes of the below women, you can see the freedom in their facial expressions, body language and um, nakedness.


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  1. I adore all the ladies you posted and reading your blog today!!

    Thanks, Sadie