Love Story 1970

Every time I watch Love story I want to run outside with a fist full of money to buy vintage Pendleton plaids, Burberry skirt suits & Italian wool pea-coats.  Jennifer Cavalleri, the quintessential Radcliffe smart girl, personified New England Collegiate style in 1970.  While Jenny's personality may have been off beat and quirky, her fashion sense certainly was not...in fact quite the opposite; think preppy, classic...American.  Jenny wasn't from a wealthy background, so one has to assume that she was a thrifty smart shopper! When you streamline your look, sticking to a specific color palette and silhouette, a few keys pieces can go along way.

The Cavalleri Look: turtlenecks, tweed skirts, plaid, opaque tights, pea-coats, knit hats w/matching scarves in a color palette of black, crimson and camel.  And of course gorgeous long shiny hair!

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